Actalis Partner Program

We believe in working together, integrating skills and promoting synergy between leading lights

Winning together with Actalis infrastructures and software solutions

With the Actalis Partner Program, we support various business models, offering them the chance to improve their Certification Authority portfolio and compete in the global SSL certificate market.
Thanks to our high levels of expertise in the field of IT, partners can benefit from different levels of technological support, taking advantage of cloud infrastructures, data centers and software solutions developed internally.

The approach of Actalis based on a two-way listening process with companies' IT departments, developing integrated project proposals and a cooperative relationship during implementation, means we get excellent end results together with our partners.

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Actalis Partner Program: the benefits

Actalis offers benefits for the best performing partners:
the program includes 4 Tiers that correspond to specific benefits in terms of marketing, business & support.

Economic benefits

The profit of our partners increases with incremental discounts generated by the sales of each reseller. The Partner Program includes 4 Tiers based on volume of sales of the resellers. 
Economic benefits

Experts available to partners

Our partners can benefit from periodic meetings organized with trust service experts, at their complete disposal. Technical sessions are dedicated to delving into the reseller solutions offered by Actalis. Regular training sessions are also organized to analyze the key selling points to draw attention to during negotiations.
Experts available to partners

Advanced support

Partners can count on direct technical and sales support. Having a service manager is ideal for solving all types of requirements. Partners can access an enterprise-level support website and rely on sales support of a dedicated account manager.
Advanced support

Actalis Enterprise Reseller Platform

The Actalis platform is available to partners and consists of a set of web services called “API Partners”, thanks to which resellers have total freedom to develop their own management system within the timescale and conditions they prefer. Thanks to this infrastructure you can manage your applications with the Certification Authority relying on a complete interface that is easy to integrate.


Our platform lets you follow all the steps involved in the certification process: from a new request to renewing an existing one, from modifying the Domain Control Validation method to getting a certificate revoked. In addition, you can always find out the delivery details and status, search for and download a certificate, receive notifications and use reporting tools.

Certificates available

The Enterprise Reseller Platform lets you deliver the following types of certificate: SSL Server Domain Validated, SSL Server Organization Validated, SSL Server Extended Validation, Code Signing

Actalis Enterprise Reseller Platform

Are you interested in becoming an Actalis partner?

We are open to working with different kinds of companies. One of our experts is on hand to listen to your needs and put together proposals on a partnership basis.

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