Enterprise RA

Platform for centralized management of certificates and MPKI

A single interface for issuing and managing all company certificates

Actalis has created the “Enterprise RA” certificate management interface to provide companies with a simple tool to manage large numbers of certificates.

Using a single interface, all group companies can easily issue a number of types of certificates, in real-time: SSL Server, SSL Client, Code Signing and S/MIME.

From verifying CSR’s to advance renewal: all the benefits of Enterprise RA

Depending on the specific company requirements, Enterprise RA provides login details for multiple users from the same organization. Each user can perform a number of operations, including:

  • Sending a notification when each certificate is issued;
  • Option to download all certificates that have been issued;
  • Sending automatic notifications of approaching certificate expiry dates;
  • Option for advance renewal without losing any days of validity.
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From verifying CSR’s to advance renewal: all the benefits of Enterprise RA

Integration with business applications and secure web access

Enterprise RA is a direct interface, easily integrated with customer systems using API. It acts as a unique and flexible interface between the business customer and Actalis Certification Authority.
Operators can access the Enterprise RA user interface directly and securely from a web browser, where they can personally manage the credit assigned for issuing certificates.

Unique login profile

When signing up to the service a unique login profile is created.

Sign in using a client or 2FA

Sign in with an individual client certificate from Actalis or by enabling 2-factor authentication (2FA).

Credit for certificates issued

Credit is assigned to each client profile to cover costs of certificates issued.

Centralized management

All certificates are managed centrally from the platform.

Enterprise features

Features designed to simplify management of certificates in large companies.


Automized management of certificates using the ACME protocol

Enterprise RA supports the ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) protocol which allows full automation of SSL certificate management processes for Managed PKI (MPKI). The full lifecycle of a certificate is automated, including the generation of key pairs, domain validation, downloading, installing the certificate and regular renewal.


Certificate Discovery: find all installed SSL certificates

Enterprise RA includes the Certificate Discovery feature. Using a search based on information found in CT Logs (Certificate Transparency Logs), the tool lets you find all SSL certificates installed on the domain being searched, regardless of which Certification Authority issued them. The search output provides a full list of SSL certificates (both from Actalis and other CAs) that have been issued for the domain and are still valid.

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Enterprise RA is an important element of a complex IT project. To manage such projects efficiently, Actalis provides the tools and expertise required to help companies plan and create large scale or customized projects.

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