Electronic and digital signatures

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Electronic and digital signature solutions are the key to a company's digital transformation

We provide a wide range of services designed to simplify and dematerialize companies’ decision-making and administrative processes, helping to speed up their journey towards digitalization. Using hardware and software technology and support to facilitate the transformation of information and document management processes, ensures a high level of security and reliability.

Improving the efficiency of a process means increasing competitiveness in the market for businesses: moving to a paperless model is an important step towards eliminating waste, saving time and resources.

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The benefits of Actalis electronic and digital signature products

We work on the modularity, flexibility and scalability of our solutions to make them easy to integrate and accessible via different methods.

Depending on what they need, our customers can choose whether to provide electronic and digital signature services via their on-premises facilities or use an Actalis cloud platform.

Our products are designed to be:

  • Simple and quick to use, they can be used easily anywhere from most devices (PC, tablet, phone).
  • Secure, they certify the identity of the signatories of a document and guarantee its authenticity, validity over time, and integrity.
  • Sustainable, using them reduces the need for printing and sending hard copies, saving time and money.
The benefits of Actalis electronic and digital signature products

Electronic and digital signature products and solutions

Actalis services comply with the eIDAS regulation, which guarantees acceptance and validity throughout Europe.

Remote Digital Signatures: practical, fast, secure and valid throughout Europe

This technology lets you sign documents digitally without the need to use physical devices, such as a smart card or USB token. In fact, the service can be provided entirely online, with the signature certificate based on a server housed within a data center certified to the highest standards and security. The integration of Remote Digital Signatures with company systems is facilitated by a special application integration service called Aruba Remote Signing Server.

Mass Automatic Signatures: designed for signing large volumes of documents in complete security

This solution allows you to sign multiple documents automatically. It is available in two different modes: a dedicated solution for the individual customer (on-premises or at one of Aruba's data centers) and as an outsourced solution, on a shared platform (in high availability mode, with optional geographical disaster recovery). Integration with the automatic signature service is via simple application Web Service interfaces (SOAP/REST) provided by the Aruba Remote Signing Server software component.

Regulatory compliance of paperless processes thanks to the Qualified Electronic Signature

This is the electronic equivalent of a traditional handwritten signature, except that it is added to an electronic document. The qualified signature certificate guarantees the validity, authenticity and integrity of the document, guaranteeing that the information in the document has not been altered, and giving it full probative force.

With the Timestamp you can assign a certified date and time to your documents

This service allows you to assign a definite, legally valid date and time to an electronic document, guaranteeing a precise reference in time enforceable against third parties. Timestamping can be used for any kind of file (even if not digitally signed), ensuring a secure, legally valid timestamp. The validity of the file signed in this way can last for up to 30 years.

Thanks to the Cloud Signing Book, you can manage all your authorization processes via a portal

A Software-as-a-Service solution for managing company authorization processes digitally, anywhere and anytime. The Cloud Signing Book lets you assign users different profiles (administrator, editor, signatory) so you can manage documents effectively, using signature workflows defined and configured in the platform, with the option of integrating with Compliant Digital Storage software.

Graphometric signature, manually sign a document

With this tool, you can add Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdESs) to an electronic document. The document is displayed on a signature device (enabled signature PAD, tablet and phone) and, using a special pen, it can be signed, like a handwritten signature on paper.

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Dematerialising decision-making and administrative processes is just one aspect of a company's digital transformation. Actalis can provide all the technological tools and experience needed to help companies design and implement custom solutions and large-scale solutions.

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