Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Centralised certificate management

Simplify your digital identity management

Our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) gives organisations the autonomy to use a certificate-based public key encryption system.

Use signature or authentication certificates issued by Actalis through our dedicated Certification Authority service. Or, build Certification Authorities (CAs) dedicated to customers to independently manage a wide range of certified services – from digital signatures to SSL certificates.

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Developing a PKI infrastructure with Actalis: key benefits

Using skills built up over many years of managing complex IT infrastructures, which today host millions of users and services around the world, we don’t only design customers’ PKI infrastructure. We also support the development of comprehensive solutions and provide associated certified services.

This means we can generate Certification Authorities (CAs) for public bodies, companies and individuals, creating customised solutions designed and created with the specific needs of each company in mind.

The benefits of developing a PKI infrastructure with Actalis

Our PKI infrastructure solutions

Dedicated CA for autonomy when providing qualified signature certificates

Installing the Actalis PKI technological infrastructure allows you to issue your own qualified digital signature certificates with complete autonomy. With this solution, you can manage the level of the certification infrastructure (Actalis' responsibility) and the level of the certificates issued (managed directly by the customer) separately.

Secure management of company systems throughprivate certificates

The use of private certificates can enhance security when accessing company web services. In this case, our PKI is responsible for issuing private certificates, which means that only users with the necessary permissions according to company policies can use the service. Another example is issuing private SSL certificates to allow HTTPS access to internal websites.

Centralised management of Actalis certificates

Our PKI infrastructure lets you centralise the management of Actalis certificates to ensure full visibility and efficiency. Email signing certificates (S/MIME), client authentication certificates, SSL certificates and code signing certificates can all be managed centrally through one dashboard.


Certificates delivered by Actalis can be managed either individually using APIs (integrated web services), or centrally through a practical interactive portal.

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Do you need to design a customised Public Key Infrastructure to achieve a particularly complex IT goal? We can provide all the technological tools, certified services and experience needed to help companies design and implement custom solutions and projects at scale.

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