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Centralizing management and integration of SSL certificates within companies and organizations

Centralized management of purchase, installation and renewal of SSL Certificates is a fundamental operational requirement for businesses of all types and sizes. Actalis provides its customers with a user-friendly control panel, as well as supplying and activating a private PKI for businesses which require maximum independence.

SSL Certificates

Actalis provides enterprise customers with the Enterprise RA web interface, allowing them to issue all types and classes of SSL Certificate in real time.

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Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI)

PKI infrastructure involves using signature and authentication certificates issued by Actalis which, using its own infrastructure and a variety of procedures, acts as a dedicated Certification Authority.

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Software and message data certification technology

As well as being recognized internationally for the issuing of SSL Certificates, Actalis also offers Code Signing and S/MIME Certificates. These additional certification technology solutions guarantee companies secure management of their software and messages.

Code Signing Certificates

This solution lets you add a digital signature to a wide range of executable software components, to guarantee their authorship and integrity, and ensure that the source code developed by the company has not been tampered with.

S/MIME Certificates

S/MIME Corporate Certificates offer a solution that ensures the recognition and security of company messages, enabling you to send signed and encrypted messages guaranteed for confidentiality, authenticity and integrity.

Solutions for digitizing company authorization flows

Electronic and digital signatures

A complete range of electronic signature solutions to simplify and dematerialize company authorization flows and processes, speeding up the transition towards digitization.

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Digital identity

Technology for managing authentication processes more efficiently, using certified services, secure protocols and strong authentication systems.

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