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In today’s world, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of authentication processes is critical to protecting your digital environment. This is essential for all private companies and public bodies undergoing digital transformation.

Ensuring successful integration between digital identity solutions is key if you want to implement a Zero Trust Security model. In other words, an IT security strategy based on the ability to verify any kind of access.

Our digital identity management services will help you design dynamic security architectures capable of mitigating risks by adopting a micro-segmentation policy that can be extended to cover your entire workload.

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Actalis digital identity products: key benefits

From simplifying the authentication process for transactions and streamlining admin to improving website and email security, our technology will help protect your data and systems. The huge array of solutions that we offer all comply with the main certification and security standards, including PSD2 for payment services and Baseline Requirements of the CAB Forum for SSL certificates.

Our services allow you to:

  • manage the process of issuing and authenticating digital identity practically and safely
  • guarantee protection for online services and transactions with digital certificates
  • ensure the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of email messages using email certification systems
  • control every stage of the lifecycle of your SSL Certificates via a single, practical interface
The benefits of Actalis digital identity products

Digital identity products and solutions

Start issuing certificates using Public Key Infrastructure

PKI provides companies and organisations with a public-based encryption system based on SSL Certificates. It lets you use signature or authentication certificates issued by Actalis through our dedicated Certification Authority service.

Protect data exchanges via your website with SSL Certificates

Installing an SSL Server certificate on your website means you can enable the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, a standard solution for guaranteeing the security of online transactions. Using TLS enables two crucial security mechanisms. In the secure channel, all data transferred between the website and the end user is encoded (the session is fully encrypted). With server authentication, the user can check the website's authenticity and the identity of the organisation managing it.

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S/MIME certificates for secure messages

The S/MIME protocol, supported by the most popular email applications, lets you send signed and encrypted messages to make emails more secure from two fundamental perspectives: confidentiality and authenticity. We offer S/MIME-recognised certificates on the most popular platforms that are compatible with all S/MIME-compliant email applications. In the corporate version, S/MIME Certificates can include the organisation’s qualification and the owner's personal data.

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Code Signing Certificates to certify the authenticity of executable code

Operating systems increasingly tend to block the installation of unsigned applications. Our Code Signing certification process can be used to verify the authenticity of the executable code produced by an IT organization. This is through a private key used by the developer to sign the code and a public key, visible to the end user to verify the authenticity of the software.

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Centralised management of certificates with Enterprise RA

The Enterprise RA control panel allows you to manage all business certificates (SSL, S/MIME and Code Signing) on a Managed PKI basis. With Enterprise RA, you can request certificates and easily start issuing and managing them yourself, with the process of verifying an organisation carried out just once a year for all certificates.

Strong Authentication systems for secure, PSD2 compliant procedures and transactions

Verify the identity of anyone accessing applications or data through multi-factor (strong) authentication using a combination of individual authentication methods: an initial factor consisting of "static" access credentials (username and password), a second factor consisting of dynamic access codes (OTP, text message) and potentially a third biometric factor.

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Case studies

Businesses and public organisations trust Actalis for secure digital identity management.

Providing QWAC and QSealC certificates for Salt Edge

This fintech company's mission is to offer stable, secure interoperability channels between financial providers and end consumers on a global scale. As a QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider), Actalis provides Salt Edge with QWAC (Qualified Website Authentication Certificate) and QSealC (Qualified eSeal Certificate) certificates, which allow Salt Edge to integrate with banking channels and operate in accordance with the Open Banking Europe Directory.

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More than 60 million CNSs (National Service Cards) issued

The CNS (National Services Card) is a personal digital authentication certificate, issued as a smart card (standard or plug-in), which allows the holder to access online services offered by the Italian Public Administration or private companies. Actalis has issued over 60 million of these certificates, providing users with secure access to online services.

ICAO solutions for electronic identification documents

Actalis provides solutions for the production of electronic identification documents, in accordance with ISO, ICAO and EU standards and for digital identity PKI applications using strong authentication. Over 1.75 million electronic passports and over 2 million electronic residence permits have been produced using our technology.

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