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Actalis driver now available on Venafi Marketplace

Actalis driver now available on Venafi Marketplace

It is now possible to obtain and manage Actalis SSL Certificates using Venafi's TLS Protect software. The adaptable CA Driver, with all classes and types of Actalis SSL certificate, is available at this page this page on Venafi Marketplace.

What is it for?

Managing Actalis certificates with TLS Protect provides you with many benefits offered by the Venafi platform. With TLS Protect you can manage automatic renewals, configure workflows, validate the certificate installation and much more.

How is it activated?

Configuring the driver in TLS Protect requires specific "Certificate Credentials". Actalis provides these credentials once the verification procedure is completed.

Who is it for?

All companies that use Venafi solutions can integrate Actalis SSL certificates and thereby benefit from the credibility of a European Certification Authority. The first step is to submit a request for information on the contact page

About Venafi

Venafi is a cybersecurity company working to support companies with machine identity management. Venafi offers products designed for the secure management of encrypted keys for digital certificates. In its sector, Venafi has become an international benchmark for electronic payment systems and the whole finance sector.

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Il certificato SSL rappresenta soltanto il primo tassello di un progetto IT complesso? Actalis mette a disposizione tutti gli strumenti tecnologici e l'esperienza necessari per supportare le aziende nella progettazione e realizzazione di soluzioni personalizzate su larga scala.

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