Electronic and digital signature solutions

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Electronic and digital signature solutions are a crucial part of digital transformation

We provide a wide range of services and solutions designed to transform information and document management, simplifying decision-making and administrative processes.

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Actalis electronic and digital signature solutions: key benefits

Delivered on-premises or via the Actalis cloud platform, our solutions are modular, flexible and scalable. This ensures they’re easy to integrate, accessible and can be tailored to customers’ unique needs.


  • Accelerate your digital transformation journey.
  • Ensure a high level of security and reliability: certify signatories’ identities to guarantee a document’s authenticity, validity over time and integrity.
  • Increase competitiveness by simplifying processes: our solutions can be used anywhere, from most devices (PC, tablet, phone).
  • Eliminate waste and save time: enhance your sustainability by going paperless.
The benefits of Actalis electronic and digital signature products

Electronic and digital signature solutions

Our products and services comply with EU eIDAS regulation, which guarantees their acceptance and validity throughout Europe.

Remote digital signatures: practical, fast, secure and valid throughout Europe

Sign documents digitally without the need for smart cards or USB tokens. With remote digital signatures, it’s possible to issue signature certificates based on data centre servers, which are certified to the highest security standards. This is facilitated by our application integration service – the Aruba remote signing server.

Mass automatic signatures: sign large volumes of documents in complete security

Sign multiple documents automatically in seconds with our mass automatic signature solution. It’s available as a dedicated solution (hosted on-premises or at one of Aruba's data centres) or outsourced onto a shared platform (in high availability mode, with optional geographical disaster recovery). It’s easy to integrate via simple application web service interfaces (SOAP/REST), which are provided by the Aruba remote signing server software component.

Qualified electronic signatures: ensure the compliance of paperless processes

A qualified electronic signature certificate is the electronic equivalent of a traditional handwritten signature. When added to an electronic document, it guarantees the its validity, authenticity and integrity giving it full probative force.

Timestamp: assign a certified date and time to your documents

Assign a secure, legally valid date and time to electronic documents, guaranteeing a precise reference in time enforceable against third parties. Timestamping can be used for any kind of file (even if not digitally signed). Files signed in this way are valid for up to 30 years.

Cloud signing book: manage all authorisation processes via a single portal

Manage company authorisation processes digitally, anywhere and anytime with Actalis’ cloud signing book. This SaaS solution enables businesses to assign users different profiles (administrator, editor, signatory) with corresponding signature workflows defined and configured in the platform. It’s also easy to integrate the solution with any with compliant digital storage software.

Graphometric signatures: manually sign documents

Add advanced electronic signatures (AdESs) to an electronic document on a signature pad, tablet and phone, just like a handwritten signature on paper.

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Simplifying administrative processes is a crucial part of digital transformation. Actalis provides all the tools and experience needed to help companies of all sizes design and implement custom electronic and digital signature solutions.

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